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WebABA’s enhanced scheduling module easily and effectively handles all scheduling requirements for therapists and clients

Eliminate conflicts and control overtime

The WebABA scheduler provides the tools and features that ensure prompt and accurate scheduling. View schedule in calendar or grid view. Easily add or delete billable and non-billable sessions, change repeat times, treatment locations or providers for previously scheduled sessions.

Schedule based on Client Authorization, Plan of Care, Therapist Locator, Treatment Teams or Availability Feature.

How can webABA help?
  • Schedule sessions based on authorized treatment units, hours or dollar amount per activity
  • Accurately schedule against primary and secondary authorizations
  • Quickly view the client’s monthly authorization limits for each activity within the scheduler
Plan of Care
  • Schedule sessions per activity across the total authorization
  • Easily change scheduled therapist, treatment location, session day or time
  • System flags potential scheduling conflicts
  • o Outside of authorization limit by units, hours or dollar amount
  • o Client or therapist non-availability
  • o Therapist not authorized to work for the particular funding source
WebABA Therapist Locator
  • Last minute scheduling made easy – no need to search the therapist’s calendar for availability
  • With one click WebABA lists all available therapists based on service type, availability or proximity
    to the client treatment location
Treatment Teams
  • Organize therapists by service type for each client
  • Easily add therapists to multiple treatment teams
Client and Therapist Availability Feature
  • Create non-availability notifications for client or therapist

WebABA’s centralized scheduling module puts you in control. Every scheduled session is run through 15 different “Create Session” rules. These rules alert the scheduler to any potential conflicts and ensure payment eligibility.