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Medical Billing Services

Many Behavioral Healthcare Providers don’t have the time to submit insurance claims or follow up on unpaid or denied claims. Let’s be realistic, working directly with clients, supervising and managing staff doesn’t leave a lot of time for the administrative side of running your business. Timely filling of insurance claims, following up on unpaid and denied claims is a time consuming process!

How can Amvik Solutions help?

Amvik Solutions’ experienced team manages the billing process from beginning to end, increasing your monthly cash flow, so you can concentrate on the clinical side of your business.

What are the benefits provided by Amvik Solutions’ billing team?

  • Electronic claim submission whenever possible or paper claim submission if required by funding source
  • Unpaid and denied claims follow up with insurance companies and funding sources
  • Patient responsibility invoicing and follow up
  • Claims follow up through collection agency
  • Client eligibility and benefit verification
  • Regional Center co-pay/co-insurance coordination
  • Comprehensive reporting – account ledger & claims denial report including an action trail documenting follow up correspondence with insurance companies and funding sources

Amvik Solutions will only charge you a contracted percentage based on claim amounts that are actually received not just submitted. That means we diligently follow up on all unpaid or denied claims to ensure you collect everything that is due.

Amvik Solutions has successfully worked with clients that had large outstanding claim balances and collected payments for services rendered!