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Contract Signing
WebABA will provide you the contract with terms of use, pricing, payment cycle. Once the contract is signed, we will move forward on data preparation.

Data Preparation
Excel sheets will be provided in order to import client and employee information into WebABA. If you are currently using an existing practice management software, we will be able to export the client and employee information.

Initial Set up
Company information and facility information will be set up at this stage.

Data Migration
Once your company’s basic information has been set up, we will migrate all the data from the excel sheets or existing practice management software.

Training Primary User(s) and Administrator(s)
The Primary user and administrator will be trained at this stage enabling them to enter all the remaining data and train other employees.

Data Input Completion & User Access
All the data that needs to be entered manually will be added that this stage. Amvik can provide resources to help you in entering the data as quickly as possible.(Fees involved). All providers and other staff members will be given access to webABA.

Training Providers and Other Users
Web based or physical training will be required to train all the staff members and providers on how to use the system. Amvik will also provide resources to help you in this stage.

Decide a go live date and have all the users start using the system. Typically the first day of the new pay period should be the go live date.

Ongoing support
The WebABA team is always around to help your employees. Ongoing support is part of the package and there are no extra charges for support.