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Benefits of Out Sourcing

When done for the right reasons, outsourcing will actually help your company grow and save money. There are other advantages of outsourcing that go beyond money. Amvik Solutions will ensure that you take advantage of all these benefits.

Top 5 Outsourcing Advantages

1.Focus on Core Activities

As a medical provider, your core activity is to provide excellent care with knowledge and compassion. Trying to handling back office duties can distract you from what you do best. Outsourcing to Amvik will allow you to be a clinician first!

2. Cost and Efficiency Savings

Back-office functions like billing and contracting are complicated in nature. The size of your company may be preventing you from performing these functions at a consistent and reasonable cost. It’s hard for an office that wants to accept a variety of insurance companies to keep up with all the different rules and efficient coding of insurance claims.

3.Reduced Costing

Amvik only charges on what is collected!

4.Operational Control

WebABA provides enhanced data control allowing you to access all information regarding scheduling, billing, payroll, HR, documentation management and so much more.

5.Staffing Flexibility

Why pay a yearly salary and all benefits to an employee for work which can be done on a contract basis at a much lower price? If you are asking your biller to do all the front office work, as well as billing, then you are not doing justice to your practice. Amvik’s experienced medical billing team is trained, professional and efficient. Amvik Solutions can handle everything from patient responsibility calls, to unpaid claims follow-up and everything in between.