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ABA Conferences in 2017

ABA Conferences in 2017

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If you have been searching for a means to improve your professional skill set and positively affect your career, then Amvik Solutions has the perfect solution – ABA conferences.
While it’s understandable that you may find it difficult to consider getting away from the office for a few days, the truth is that being active in varying industry associations and conferences can provide many benefits. Attending a conference means educational opportunities, networking with peers, encountering new vendors, developing your position as an expert, in addition to providing a bit of enjoyment and fun as a reward for all your hard work.
Are you planning on making 2017 the year that you advance professionally and personally? Well then consider attending one (or two) of the following ABA Conferences.

January 2017

Texas ABA Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis • January 26–29 • Austin, TX
The Texas ABA Regional Conference is dedicated to providing public and professional behavior analysts with the knowledge garnered through the advancements of science and mental health care to improve the world of those they strive to service. This upcoming conference features a diverse set of professionals and doctors who will provide insight into their respective areas of expertise, including a variety of topics such as : Clinical Challenges for Functional Analysis Methodology, Contingency Management for Health-Related Behaviors, Cultivating Workplace Wellbeing with Behavioral Science, Responsible and Ethical Supervision in Behavior Analysis, The Role of ABA in Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports for At-Risk Youth, and a bevy of other themes that provide Continuing Education credit.
ABAI 11th Annual Autism Conference • January 31–February 2 • San Juan, PR
ABAI’s 11th Annual Autism Conference is taking place on the gorgeous tropical island of Puerto Rico. The conference will focus on Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Across the Lifespan in Autism: Translating Research Into Best Practices. Taking place just minutes away from one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, this conference is guaranteed to provide vital educational experiences in an amazing setting that’ll help you beat that winter weather.

February 2017

California ABA 35th Annual Western Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis • February 10–12 • Anaheim, CA
This conference welcomes a wide range of individuals who are affected by ABA including educators, researchers, practitioners, administrators, behavior analysts, social workers, undergrad and graduate students, as well as family members of individuals with special needs. Information, resources, and professional development opportunities will be available to attendees.
Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan Convention • February 16–17 • Ypsilanti, MI
The BAAM Convention will feature an internationally-recognized keynote speaker discussing topics of general interest to BAAM Attendees, followed by breakout sessions that cover a variety of topics. This multi-track, session-oriented, academic and professional meeting, features research by scholars from regional universities and centers.
North Carolina ABA 28th Annual Conference • February 22–24 • Wrightsville Beach, NC
This annual conference offers information about advancements in the science and practice of ABA. Scholars from varying fields of sciences related to ABA will discuss a number of topics including: Recent Advancements in Functional Assessment, Physical Activity in Children: Behavioral Assessments and Interventions, Promoting Happiness Among Adults with Severe Disabilities: Evidence-Based Strategies, Ethical Considerations for Behavior Analysts Working with Children with Developmental Disabilities, and various other subjects. Professionals and students are invited to attend the conference, which will also feature a social.

March 2017

Connecticut ABA 13th Annual Conference • March 2–3 • Hartford, CT
The 2017 CTABA Conference will include nationally-renowned speakers Dennis Reid, Janet Twyman, Caio Miguel, Justin Leaf, to name a few. There will also be several pre-conference workshops, as well as discussions based on behavior analytic papers.
Women in Behavior Analysis Conference • March 9–10 • Nashville, TN
2017 is going to be the inaugural year of this event! The purpose of this conference is to highlight the accomplishments of women in behavior analysis, while encouraging meaningful discourse about gender equality in the promotion of ABA. Keynote speakers are Linda LeBlanc and Frances McSweeney, with additional speakers to be announced via Facebook and Twitter. Any individual interested in supporting the movement of behavior analysis is welcome to attend. Mentorship opportunities will be developed in order to provide the growing number of professionals with adequate guidance and insight.
New Jersey ABA Annual Conference • March 31 • Somerset, NJ
The NJABA Annual Conference will provide attendees with presentations focused on research relevant to the field of applied behavior analysis including studies, technical presentations, case studies, conceptual topics, experimental work, and applied analysis. Professionals and students are encouraged to attend this conference.

April 2017

Illinois ABA Annual Conference • April 7–8 • St. Charles, IL
The ILABA Annual Conference has been established to provide a forum for behavior analysts in Illinois to stay current on the latest advancements and concerns for ABA practitioners throughout the state. This conference will feature several recognized speakers including Florence DiGennaro Reed who will discuss the importance of staff support in ABA practices and evidence-based performance management. Dr. Derek Reed, an associate professor of the Dept. of Applied Behavior Science at the University of Kansas and Director of the Applied Behavioral Economics Laboratory, will present as well. Alongside these keynote addresses, there will be a poster session and business meeting.
Ohio ABA Seventh Annual Conference • April 7–8 • Columbus, OH
The Ohio ABA 7th Annual Conference is intended to promote the science and theory of Behavior Analysis by serving as a forum for presentations about the scientific and technological advancements within the field. The conference also provides the organization an opportunity to discuss affairs and related legislation that can improve the reach of behavior analysts, social workers, researchers, educators, medical professionals, and community organizations seeking to improve the quality of ABA services.
Virginia ABA 13th Annual Conference • April 7–8 • Richmond, VA
The 13th Annual Conference of the Virginia ABA Association is set to include keynote and workshop speakers Dr. Jonathan Tarbox, Dr. Nic Weatherly, Adam Brewer, Ted Hoch, Sarah Casella Jones, and Megan Miller. Workshops will include: Teaching Executive Functions Skill to Children with Autism, Moving from Maintenance to Habits: Managing for Sustainable Business Solutions, Making Conditional Discrimination and Stimulus Equivalence Accessible for Teachers, Clinicians, and Others, and Ethical Alternatives to Traditional Escape Extinction, as well as several others. The Conference is only open to members.

May 2017

ABAI 43rd Annual Convention • May 25–29 • Denver, CO
The Annual Convention of ABAI will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, offering extraordinary views of the Rocky Mountains and Denver skyline. The conference will feature topics developed specifically for practitioners, scientists, and families affected by autism. Conference attendees will learn about the foremost autism research being conducted around the world, while also having the opportunity to obtain Continuing Education credits.

October 2017

Florida ABA 37th Annual Conference • October 4–7 • Daytona Beach, FL
The Florida ABA Annual Conference will include a number of learning opportunities for participants including workshops, symposiums that will discuss topics relevant to ABA, expert panel discussions, and various sessions intended to provide C.E. credits.
Alabama ABA 26th Annual Convention • October 18–20 • Birmingham, AL
The 26th annual ALABA convention will be held October 18-20, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Birmingham, AL. Speaker information and conference details will be made available on their site as they become available.

November 2017

Iowa ABA Fifth Annual Conference • November 3 • West Des Moines, IL
The Iowa ABA Conference is an event organized for professionals and researchers working in the realm of behavioral analysis in order to advance the field through research, education, and dissemination of information. Conference details will be provided on their website as they become available.

Make 2017 the year you grow your business, your skills, and your experiences. Let Amvik Solutions handle your billing and credentialing so you can take care of what matters most – becoming the best ABA provider you can be.

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