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CEU Resources for BCBAs

You finished a grueling few years in graduate school, passed your BCBA certification exam, and landed your dream job. That calls for celebration, so cheers!  

 It has now been a while since you started working as a certified behavior analyst in the autism spectrum. Challenges have been there, but you navigated them with astounding skill and level-headedness. Cheers to that too. 

But now you’re facing your toughest challenge yet—getting recertified to keep your certifications current. You know too well that you need to fulfill the mandated continuing education requirements for your recertification application to go through successfully.  

For a BCBA like yourself, that’s 32 continuing education units, with 3 CEUs in supervision for supervisors and 4 CEUs in ethics training. The numbers alone are enough to boggle your mind.  

While this process is intended to be spread out over a two-year cycle, it’s still a chore to line up the best CEU resources. It can be overwhelming to find interesting events, seminars, or classes that genuinely continue your education.  

Not anymore. 

In this guide, we’ll line up CEU sources that are worth your time and money. We’ll go the extra mile, covering every inch of the CEU world, and only bringing you resources we think will wholesomely help you stay certified. So, sit in, grab a coffee, and join us in this exciting journey. Let’s go! 

1. ACE Provider Directory 

First up on our list is the ACE Provider Directory, carefully laid out in the BCAB website. Like any of BACB’s other resources, this directory is elaborate, concise, and well…resourceful.  

In here, you’ll find a list of providers who are authorized to offer CEUs. Not 100, not 500, but a whopping 1418 continuing education providers! Tell us a more comprehensive BCBA resource on the net. We’ll wait. 

Each provider’s name is listed against their unique identification code, website link, contact profile, authorization date, and renewal date. And if you already have a provider’s name in mind, you can enter their details in the provided search bar. Then you’ll get a filtered search result. 

2. Association for Behavior Analysis International Portal 

Behavior analysts who work in the autism real have little or no time to waste. Heck, some of them even forego meals in order to provide the best care for their patients. The last thing they want on their to-do lists is to search the internet for continuing education opportunities. 

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer like the rest. With a resource like ABAI’s Continuing Education portal, you can easily access upcoming events that positively contribute to your recertification efforts. 

Remember, you can earn up to 25% of the required CUEs by simply completing workshops, seminars, conferences, symposiums, and other events that directly relate to behavior analytics. So, a tour around this portal might be worth your while. 

 Upcoming events listed out on the ABAI portal include the 16th Annual Autism Conference (slated for March 5, 2022) and the 48th Annual Convention (scheduled for May 26-30, 2022). Don’t wait until time has ran out while you can poke around this value-packed, behavior analysis-oriented website today! 

3. Behavior University’s CEU Library 

A brainchild of two BCBA-Ds, Drs. Jessica Love and Shannon Crozier, this BCBA resource is like no other—convenient, value-focused, and engaging. Its CEU library is even better.  

A tour around Behavior University’s CEU Library will reveal a host of continuing education opportunities, including individual ethics, learning, and supervision CEU courses. Popular subjects include:  

  • Cultural Humility 
  • Error Correction 
  • Ethics & Effective Advocacy 
  • Ethical Issues in Standardizing Decision Making 
  • Enhanced Choice for Dangerous Behavior 
  • And more. 

As you’d expect, these courses are instructed by the crème del a crème in the autism therapy realm—often BCBA-Ds (in full, board-certified behavior analysts with a Doctoral distinction). The prices here are a steal, too, with most CEU courses going for a paltry $39. 

But that’s just the beginning. 

Hang around this ACE Provider’s CEU library long enough, and you might just bump into an amazing surprise: the CEU bundles.  

Think of these bundles as a way to save money over buying CEU webinars individually. And we’re not talking about pennies here, but a couple of hundred dollars! In short, the CUE bundles allow you to bring the conference experience straight to your living room. Minus the costs, of course. Isn’t that wonderful? 

4. The BCBA Handbook 

When it comes to providing in-depth, accurate information regarding behavior analysis, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s website is unrivaled. This fact is mirrored throughout its online resources, and the BCBA Handbook is no exception. 

If you’ve been around the behavior analysis block for long enough, you probably know that there are seven types of approved continuing education. Exam, otherwise known as Type 6, is one of them.  

The certification board offers an exam you can take during the final year of the certification cycle. While it’s not compulsory to sit for this test, passing it would mean that you’ve fully completed your continuing education requirements. On the downside, if you fail, you’ll lose certification completely. It’s a tight rope to walk on. 

That’s why it’s important to have a guide you can reference every time you’re preparing to sit for a BCBA exam. The BCBA Handbook is that guide. Scour through the Examination section often. Bookmark it. Memorize it. You don’t want to miss out on guaranteed recertification just because you were not well-versed with the BCBA exam regulations. Or do you? 

5. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) 

Published by the Wiley Online Library, JABA is arguably the most popular peer-reviewed BCBA-focused journal on the internet. Everything in here screams scholarly magic, from the published articles to the journal metrics at the bottom of the page. 

As you well know, you can earn up to 25% of continuous education units by publishing BCBA-related articles in a peer-reviewed journal. JABA hands you that opportunity on a silver platter. But first, you’ll have to register as a member. 

Perhaps what’s most impressive about the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is that it’s reviewed by peers every quarter. That means you won’t have to wait forever to earn those precious credits after publishing an article. Four months tops. 

6. ABA Inside Truck 

Hunting for CUEs doesn’t have to be boring. It can also be fun.   

ABA Inside Truck, a podcast about applied behavior analysis, is a fun way to pursue CEU’s and keep up to date. Listening to one of their episodes is “more fun than pressing a lever”  as they like to say! You can also net one learning CEU for your efforts.  

To earn this credit, you first have to listen to a designated episode (peruse through their site for more info). Then you can click on the links provided. The best part? You won’t pay a single penny when applying for CEUs via ABA Inside Truck. It’s absolutely free. 

Of course, ABA Inside Truck is an authorized continuing education (ACE) provider, which means the units are legit. Why apply for CEUs at a charge when you can listen to one for free?

7. Behavior Development Solutions  

Behavior Development Solutions is up next on our list, and its inclusion here is not by fluke. This CEU resource for BCBA is as comprehensive and is it is up-to-date. Continuing education opportunities on this platform include: 

  • Webinar CE courses 
  • Ethics CE courses 
  • Supervisor training 
  • And more 

Of the three categories, Webinar CE Courses perhaps stand out the most. That’s because it’s segmented into three distinctive areas:   

  • Upcoming live webinars (attached with dates and topics of discussion) 
  • On-demand webinar courses 
  • Recent webinars and recordings 

This arrangement provides clarity when hunting for CUEs. Given how confusing the whole recertification process typically is, you can use an extra dose of clarity. 

8. Indeed.com 

Newsflash: You don’t have to be a student to earn CUEs!  

OK, maybe you knew that. But what you probably didn’t know is that you can leverage Indeed.com to find online teaching opportunities. 

Teaching either a Type 2 (Authorized Events) or Type 1 (College or University Coursework) event can earn you a couple of credits, and Indeed.com is the perfect place to start. A filtered search for “BCBA Teaching Online” reveals over 100 teaching slots at any one time. All you have to do is upload your resume. Then employers will find you. 

Want to be the first to see new BCBA online teaching jobs? Submit your email, and updates will be sent straight to your inbox. Just remember to get a letter from the department chair or the Authorized Continuing Education coordinator once you’re done with the teaching job (if it’s temporary). Then you can relax knowing that you have earned up to half of the total required hours for BCBA recertification. 

Wrapping Up

As a board-certified behavior analyst who’s itching to make a difference in the lives of autistic kids, the prospect of continuing education may not seem very appealing at first. But continuing education is by far the best way to provide effective care for your patients. Don’t let new ideas, fresh techniques, and networking opportunities pass you by. Find classes, conferences, webinars, and other continuing education opportunities using this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to providing top-of-the-line care every single year. 

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