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A Better Clinic Starts With WebABA Solutions

As an ABA therapy clinic, one of the most important tools that you can have at your disposal is a quality Practice Management System (PMS).
The right Practice Management System can help to automate and streamline the day-to-day operations of your practice, providing improved workflow efficiency – and notably – increased revenue streams.
Amvik Solutions provides growing and established ABA clinics a comprehensive solution through our WebABA Practice Management System software. Web-based and accessible 24/7 from any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll have control of your operation right at your fingertips.
Our extensive system offers a bevy of options and tools to assist you with workforce scheduling, online timesheet submission, HR, documentation, and much more.
If you’re ready to take your clinic to the next level Amvik Solutions’ WebABA Practice Management System software is just what you need. Core features include:

  1. Enhance Scheduling Capabilities

The WebABA scheduling tools and capabilities allow you to:

  • Quickly add or delete sessions
  • Set therapists
  • Change treatment location
  • Schedule sessions based on authorizations
  • Organize treatment teams
  • Create non-availability notifications for clients or therapists.

The WebABA system is also able to provide you with notifications regarding scheduling conflicts due to authorization limits and payment eligibility.

  1. Authorization Management

Those who work in the field of ABA therapy understand the importance of authorizations in treatment plans. Failing to have the proper medical authorizations in place can lead to claims denials and other penalties.
Our Authorization Management tool will ensure that every session scheduled has the appropriate authorizations and is approved for payment so your team and clients never have to worry about last minute cancellations because of authorization issues. The WebABA PMS can handle multiple authorizations, multiple payors, and even provide your team with alerts notifying them of expiring client authorizations.

  1. Billing Solutions

Our WebABA billing system is designed for efficiency and to help your billing department reduce errors. With our billing tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate customized billing and analytic reports
  • Track activities as “Pending Approval”, “Ready to Bill”, or “Billed”
  • Submit billings claims free of errors to the right funding source
  • Automatically split Category III CPT codes for authorized sessions
  • Receive Technical Support from a live WebABA expert
  1. Improved Payroll Processing

Under the wrong conditions, payroll processing can eat up a huge amount of your team’s time. Why not implement a system that will help them to get the job done accurately and quickly.
WebABA features a payroll component that can be fully integrated with your payroll process and accounting tools. Highlights include:

  • Online and mobile device timesheet submission
  • Ability to set multiple pay rates for individual employees
  • Easy approval or denial process for online submissions
  • Designed to meet employment regulations
  1. HR Management and Tools

Strong management means a strong practice. WebABA can provide your clinic the right management tools to track employee documentation, training hours, credentials, and essential information to keep everything running smoothly.
Give your management team the upper hand they need with WebABA.

  1. Provider Portal

With strong leadership and an empowered team, there’s nothing to stand in your clinic’s path to success. Enable your team of ABA therapy providers and professionals with WebABA’s Provider Portal tool.
Your team will be able to access vital information as needed and can use WebABA as an internal HIPAA compliant internal messaging system. Employees will be able to:

  • Capture crucial eSignatures from patients and families
  • Submit billable and nonbillable payroll items and timesheets
  • Access their schedule and obtain directions to treatment location(s)
  1. Electronic and Paper DDS Form Processing

The WebABA Practice Management System allows for two options when it comes to DDS forms. Forms can be completed electronically, with parents e-signing the form on a mobile device after a session, or forms can be generated and printed out for services rendered at the end of the month.

  1. Management Control

Give the managerial team the means to strategically refine workflow processes and grow the business. The Management Control module will allow supervisors the ability to review data, organizational processes, billing, scheduling, and much more.
By being better informed, your team leaders can make the right decision when it comes to patient care – and ultimately – improve the bottom line.

You need a Practice Management System that works as hard as you do. You need Amvik Solutions’ WebABA.

When you’re looking for a PMS that offers accessibility, adaptability, security and is scalable to perform optimally for any size clinic, then WebABA is your solution.
With online capabilities, your team is able to log in and perform any tasks wherever, whenever. And our team will be with you every step of the way.
We constantly update our program to meet HIPAA compliancy, state standards, and adapt to industry changes.
Now is the time to implement a Practice Management System that will help you to provide improved ABA therapy care and build business sustainability.
Contact Amvik Solutions today at (805) 277-3392 to find out more about our WebABA Practice Management System software, billing services, credentialing services, and other services we provide.

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