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7 Ways Practice Management Systems Software Can Benefit Your ABA Practice

Practice Management Systems Software

7 Ways WebABA is the Total Practice Management System

Whether you have been running a successful ABA clinic for years, or you are in the process starting your very own ABA therapy practice, you can always benefit from a bit of help. One of the most dynamic tools at your disposal will be Practice Management Systems (PMS) software.
Practice Management Systems software can help to automate and streamline the day-to-day responsibilities of operating an ABA clinic. By investing in the right software, your company can benefit from improved workflow and efficiency and ultimately increased revenue streams.
Amvik Solutions is one such provider that can offer you a powerful PMS. Our aba therapy software can support your practice from client intake to billing to payroll and everything in between. And because our software is web-based and can be accessed from any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone 24/7, you have the added value of being able to take control of your operation from wherever you are.
Whether your ABA practice is a large operation, or you are in the initial stages of building clientele, the right practice management system can offer a bevy of benefits including:

  1. Improved tracking of patient information.

The tedious task of maintaining accurate patient information is a necessary duty for any practice. PMS software can help to improve the tracking and updating of this information by allowing users to create electronic patient information charts that include vital information such as the patient’s full name, date of birth, insurance information, medication history, and such. Electronic patient information charts allow for improved office organization and efficiency. Less time spent tracking information paper and pen information means more time spent on truly important tasks.
Another fantastic benefit of using PMS software like WebABA is the ability to pull up important data while on the go. This can be especially beneficial to ABA therapist traveling to meet families as they can access a patient’s schedule and contact information from their very own smartphone or tablet.

  1. PMS can handle administrative tasks so you can focus on delivering quality care.

The traditional paper or hardcopy methods of tracking patients, schedules, billing due dates, claims, etc. requires a substantial amount of time and effort that can be better utilized to improve patient care. A solid PMS software component can actually handle the administrative tasks that are weighing you and your team down.
With Medicare, Medicaid, and insurances requiring more documentation and paperwork, practice management software can play a substantial role in actually allowing your to visit and service more patients. Rather than dealing with an overabundance of paperwork (that can be frustrating and crushing to motivation to ABA therapists), adopting a PMS software solution will make the office run more efficiently, and allowing you to meet with more patients during practice hours.

  1. Documentation is key to today’s medical world.

Medicare standards and insurance practices have made proper documentation and reporting a major key in the claims and billing processes. A PMS can help to increase efficiency and reduce errors versus the traditional handwritten notes.
As billing is slowly moving into the domain of the therapist, our software can help to offer a system where electronic documentation can be uploaded to the necessary clearinghouses for payment. Additionally, many insurances are moving into purely electronic documentation submissions and PMS software can help your ABA therapy clinic to meet that requirement.
This also helps to avoid financial penalties or issues with due dates because of errors within the documentation.

  1. Scheduling made easy.

One of the most beneficial tools of a practice management system is the ability to efficiently schedule patients and staff. With scheduling and calendar tools, office staff and personnel working out in the field can quickly make adjustments to scheduling without the worry of double-booking a therapist.
WebABA’s added benefit of tracking staff means physicians and providers can be appointmented appropriately for evaluations and specific tasks. Additionally, alerts for authorizations and patient balances allow staff to take the proper actions before an appointment—alleviating any issues before they occur.

  1. Billing solutions.

Claims and billings are the lifeblood of your ABA practice. Without a steady stream of revenue, your clinic can be faced with an uphill battle.
Take the stress out of the billing process by utilizing our practice management software. Our billing services solution helps to eliminate time-consuming billing errors, complies to funding source requirements, provides electronic and paper claim submissions, account ledgers, claims denial reporting, only charges a contracted percentage based on claim amounts that are actually received, and much more.
Because of the complexity of the billing process, it is best to utilize a professional service that has the experience and personnel to handle maintaining extensive records and commit to the frequent follow-ups required for payment. Ultimately, this leads to improved office efficiency and increases monthly cash flow.

  1. Generate reports at the click of a button.

Quality practice management software will feature customizable and finely detailed reports for a clinic’s finances, quality of care, patient information, billing, evaluations, workflow, and much more. The organization of these reports allows for vital data to be pulled immediately and utilized to enhance a practice’s business model.
A web-based PMS also means these reports can be delivered to any platform (i.e. laptop or tablet) to effectively meet patient needs. This can greatly improve patient retention and allow for more effectively meeting their needs.

  1. Improve performance across the board.

Practice management software, as per its namesake, means owners and supervisors can strategically refine workflow, organizational processes, and streamline a number of processes.
PMS software can also improve employee hiring, scheduling and availability management, payroll procedures, and more. Once again improving an organization’s efficiency and bottom line.
As these systems allow for transparency, your team of ABA therapist, administrative personnel, and other healthcare professionals can feel better informed and able to make appropriate decisions when it comes to patient care.

Amvik Solutions is your #1 Practice Management Systems software provider!

Our WebABA practice management software is perfectly designed to help increase your flow of tasks, track your patients, manage business aspects, and improve the billings and collections process to increase your finances.
WebABA can support your ABA billing practice in a number of operations and tasks including:

  • Workforce/Client scheduling
  • Client authorization management
  • Billing—private insurance, school, regional center or private pay
  • Automatically using correct CPT Category III codes for billing
  • Payroll
  • Tracking of employee credentials
  • Provider portal
  • Online timesheet submissions
  • HR module
  • Electronic signature feature
  • Customizable reports
  • 24/7 access on any platform
  • HIPAA compliancy
  • Management control
  • And much more…

If you haven’t implemented a practice management software in your practice yet, now is the time. Contact Amvik Solutions today at (805) 277-3392 to find out more about our WebABA services, billing services, credentialing services, and other options we provide.

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