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6 Ways Mobile Apps Aid ABA Providers In The Field

6 Ways Mobile Apps Aid ABA Providers In The Field

ABA service providersABA service providers are incorporating Tech into every aspect of their practice.  Gone are the days of paper and pencil notes and paper claim submissions.  BCBA’s now have the choice to work from the office or the field through Practice Management Systems like WebABA.   Mobile friendly web portals work great until you are in a location that has no internet options.  This is where Mobile Apps can fill the gap for a small practice.

  1. Access to information when offline

By downloading their schedule and basic client information providers will be able access to information when not connected to the internet.  It also keeps that information safe in a HIPAA compliant platform.

  1. Better access than mobile sites

Apps have the ability to send a provider straight to the information they need without having to log into a mobile site.    A mobile app streamlines this process and will load faster than a mobile page in most situations.

  1. Ability to capture information and save notes

Many providers spend hours every week taking hand written notes and then transferring them to a digital template or platform.  Electronic Data Collection companies (such as Portia Pro) can analyze and graph data automatically  help manage the tasks and activities performed by a BCBA in a session.   WebABA’s App allows therapist to leave notes about a session and all notes are easily downloaded and searchable in case of an Audit.

  1. Verifying services rendered and collecting a signature

Upon session completion providers collect signatures to verify that the service took place at a specific date and time.  Using a practice management system with a mobile app allows providers to complete this these tasks in an off-line mode.  It can track the exact time services were performed and collect an electronic signature right on your smart device.

  1. Utilize the function of other apps on your device

A Mobile app can also connect and utilize the function of other apps on your device.  Webaba is connected with google maps and can route a provider straight to the client’s location with one push of a button.

  1. Parent Portals

Not only are mobile apps great for ABA providers but they can help the clients as well.  Some offer additional skills training or activities for when they are at home.   WebABA allows parents to log in at any time.  The parent is able to view the type of session, attending therapist name and session start/end time.
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